Pacific International Communications, LLC

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Legal distance communication and mobile notary specialists

PacifiComm has been providing quality video communications and notarial services from our home base in the Willamette Valley, Oregon USA since 2009.

Our Experience Shows!

PacifiComm's experience with legal distance communications is unparalleled in this region.

We have also been instrumental in facilitating remote speakers for national conferences as well as international video conferencing board meetings for a local company merging with an overseas one!

Completely mobile!

PacifiComm technicians can take their equipment and notary book anywhere your company or deponent is! We have visited the home of a medically compromised deponent to keep them from having to travel to testify. Traveled to national healthcare and bankers conferences to bring in remote speakers. Anywhere there is an AT&T 4G signal, we can video conference...professionally!

Court reporter preferred.

PacifiComm's experience with dozens of court reporting firms means that we can coordinate with anyone you need to put your conference together: deposition, arbitration hearing, direct into court testimony or whatever is needed!